With a combined 35 years of construction experience, our team has the knowledge, skill and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Kirk Mullen

Growing Up in Portland, Maine, Kirk graduated from Cheverus High School and the University of Maine with a BS in Business. After graduating, Kirk worked for a commercial general contractor in Massachusetts and Maine before starting MW Hoss.

Cory Warren

Cory began to develop his carpentry skills at a young age. After graduating from University Maine with a BS in Engineering, Cory spent 10+ years building high-end homes and small to mid-size commercial projects with a local construction management firm.

Matt Hossfeld

While most kids would go to the beach or sports camp during the school summers, you could find Matt with his tool belt on building houses with his Dad. After graduating from University of Maine with a BS in Engineering and Construction Management, he spent 10 years working in the commercial construction industry before starting MW Hoss.


Zak Vogel

In kindergarten they gave us wood scraps and nails, and ever since then I can’t think of a time I haven’t been building something. Whether it’s wood, metal, clay, glass or trash I love working with it all.


Colin O’Leary

My name is Colin and I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. I grew up coming to Maine every summer and knew from a young age that it would one day be my home. I’ve now lived in Maine for 15 years and have worked in the trades since my arrival.  M.W. Hoss is a solid company to find yourself in if you value good people and creating an honest product. My passions out side of work are in creating music and acting in a story telling improv group called “Portland Playback.”


Jake diMajo

My name is Jake and I joined M.W. Hoss Construction one year ago with 4 years of construction experience. Simply put, I really like what I do.


Dylan Hosmer

Hey my name is Dylan, I joined M.W. Hoss Construction with 12 years of construction and landscape installation experience. My admiration for the creativity and craftsmanship in residential and landscape construction attracted me to this profession as a teenager. When I’m not working, I enjoys boating around Casco Bay, surfing along the coast of Maine and playing the guitar. I live in Westbrook with my fiancé Allison and two cats, Clark and Bean.


Luke Bennett

Hey I’m Luke but everyone around here calls me Bennett. I grew up in Gorham Maine and I’ve been in the trades for 6 years. I tested out a few trades until I took a job offer to work for a builder and ever since I helped frame a home for that builder I’ve been hooked. Nothing beats working with wood! When I’m not doing carpentry I’m usually out on a motocross track somewhere in Maine.


Luke diMajo

Hey everyone, my name is Lucas diMajo. I grew up in Portland Maine and I really enjoy photography, surfing, playing the guitar, and being around people. I have always had a passion for working with my hands and carpentry has been a great outlet for me. I love seeing new and old projects come to life!

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Jeff Smith

Hey my name is Jeff, I grew up in Freeport Maine, and I’ve lived in Colorado and California but nothin’ beats Maine! I enjoy carpentry because I love working with my hands, being part of a team, and creating beautiful and efficient living and working spaces for the good people of Maine. I also enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, soccer, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends eatin’ fresh clams and lobstah!


Kevin Leahy

Hello! I’m Kevin and I enjoy making things. From custom furniture to large-scale commercial projects, I love problem solving on the job. My favorite part about carpentry is turning an imagined idea into reality. When I’m not building, I’m probably playing the upright bass, snowboarding or exploring the world on a bike or xc skis.